Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter’s mission is to make you smile every time you step into your bath and in order to do that, they invest in developing and educating their team. That’s why Bath Fitter partnered with ROSZ to develop a tailored internal communication campaign that left their team INSPIRED.


In the midst of a global pandemic with everyone working remotely from home, how do you inspire your team and keep them connected, motivated and up to speed on the latest trends and insights? 


We partnered with Bath Fitter to develop a series of monthly pre-recorded webinar videos showcasing Bath Fitter colleagues. Every month, we launched a new webinar which covered a different topic, from the latest marketing trends, to best practices on customer experience.


We provided complete 6K resolution green screen production, combined with full 3D immersive environments. Then we add professionally designed supporting visuals to the mix and the end result looked incredible.


Surveyed Bath Fitter colleagues reported 85-95% satisfaction rates for each monthly webinar series and we are already scheduled for another yearly webinar series given the positive results and feedback.