is our commitment through insight, imagination, and experience,
to intelligently identify the best solutions, and recognize how best to fulfill them.
is to harness our artistic process and passion in which
insight, imagination, and experience of Clear Thinking becomes visual.

COMMUNICATIONSROSZ holds as its mission to provide marketing solutions through creative design and communication strategies.

For over 30 years, COMMUNICATIONSROSZ has been serving a multitude of industries by offering clear thinking, creative communication; an approach that transforms objectives into creative solutions by turning clear direction into artistic delivery.

Like the proverbial watchdog of their corporate identity, COMMUNICATIONSROSZ relationships are based upon loyalty & trust. This is a responsibility that COMMUNICATIONSROSZ takes to heart.

Though the COMMUNICATIONSROSZteam is proud of these relationships, they are also proud of their growing roster of clients, many of whom are industry leaders, that is why they make it a practice not to trade on their client's work publicly.

However, any opportunity to develop a new business relationship will undoubtedly begin with a presentation of the COMMUNICATIONSROSZportfolio.

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The COMMUNICATIONSROSZ team consists of four partners and a Rottie, a working breed and the symbol of the COMMUNICATIONSROSZ corporate identity. The characteristics that are associated with this breed are courage, intelligence, athleticism, strength and most notably, loyalty.

COMMUNICATIONSROSZ credits its firm's success with these qualities and the way they blend together to form long lasting relationships but, more importantly, develop creativity that exceed their clients' expectations.

Although of the same breed, this is also an eclectic team of personalities with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. They are married, single, exercise fanatics, couch potatoes and listen to everything from jazz to hip-hop, to classical to blues and virtually everything in between. What do their interests and backgrounds have to do with what they do? Everything.

This is what their clients expect – a breed with strong characteristics and eclectic personalities that help them define their clients' needs and meet their goals.

Joe Roszkowski

Creative Director


Joe, the creative force (artist, designer, director, producer, photographer), was born in Warsaw, Poland. His family migrated to Montreal in 1964. Joe graduated from Dawson College at the top of his class as a commercial artist/graphic designer. Before incorporating COMMUNICATIONSROSZ in 1981, he acquired experience working for several Montreal-based advertising companies as a designer, art director and creative director.

Along with a talented team, Joe's passion and driving force, COMMUNICATIONSROSZ has grown to now become a respected player in the Advertising and Design world, servicing a clientele that spans a wide range of industries. As Creative Director, he is sought after to share his knowledge and experience that comes from working with some of the best marketing people in the retail, sports, pharma, pet and industrial markets.

"Do not meet a client's needs, exceed them. Design is a tool to communicate - do not underestimate its power."


Justin Roszkowski

Jr. Partner
General Manager

Innovatively motivated. Productively determined.

A talented and dynamic individual, Justin Roszkowski brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to the ROSZ team. With a degree from the Montreal Academy of Design, accreditation as a registered Apple IT professional, as well as courses in marketing and strategy, Justin is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve the methods in which ROSZ develops creative solutions. With nearly 10 years experience in the industry, Justin has successfully managed to make ROSZ the exclusive tactical agency behind the entire Gillette division of P&G Canada.

"The industry is always changing and if you don't adapt, you're quickly forgotten."


Danny Lucas

Jr. Partner
Creative Director

Artistically inspired. Creatively driven

Graduating with honours from Dawson College's graphic design program, Danny Lucas began his career as a freelance graphic designer working with such agencies as McCabe Advertising and Nova. Before joining ROSZ, Danny played a key role in the brand development and design for a prominent international nutrition company. With 18 years of industry experience, Danny has been a driving force behind all of ROSZ's campaigns since 1998. Danny understands the advertising industry and knows what it takes to develop effective and memorable creative solutions. With a passion for creativity and an uncompromising eye for design, Danny ensures that all of COMMUNICATIONSROSZ projects hold one consistent element - Clear thinking, creative communication.

"Every day is an opportunity to be creative. Thankfully, out clients offer us a canvas to unleash our imagination."


Derek Roszkowski

Jr. Partner
Account Manager

Enthusiastically marketing. Creatively passionate.

A marketer by nature, Derek graduated from the John Molson School of Business and wasted no time in jump-starting his career in the advertising industry. With a great opportunity to do what he is passionate about, Derek joined the ROSZ team and has never looked back. With ROSZ for over 3 years, Derek works closely with his clients and ensures that, together, they develop the most effective and innovative methods for communicating objectives.

"Building relationships is the key to any business success. That's why I love meeting people who are as passionate as I am when it comes to creativity."

Casey VIGUSHIN - Video Editor

Maurice RICHICHI - Director of Photography

Diane ROSZKOWSKI - Finance & Operation


COMMUNICATIONSROSZ has always supported giving back to the community. By offering pro-bono advertisements to numerous charitable organizations, as well as donations, COMMUNICATIONSROSZ prides themselves on their dedication to the community.



6605 Chemin St. François
St. Laurent, QC
H4S 1B6

Tel: 514.335.3228
Fax: 514.335.6977
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We are always on the lookout for meeting and talking to new talent. The only criteria is that you must share the same passion for creativity and an uncompromising eye for design as each member of our team does. If you would like to submit your candidacy for future and/or freelance partnership, please submit your services, resume, or portfolio to